The Abat Oliba CEU University’s International Journalism Undergraduate Program

The Abat Oliba CEU University in Barcelona offers an International Undergraduate Degree in Journalism Studies, with 55% of its courses in English and 45% in Spanish. With a broad range of international exchange agreements with universities around the world, the program promotes student and faculty exchanges that constitute an international network for student and teaching staff, opening journalism studies towards an international perspective that combines international educational experiences, research and internships.

The methodology of the Abat Oliba CEU International Journalism Program offers several advantages:

  • 55% percent of the courses the Abat Oliba CEU University’s Journalism Program are offered in English by a selected group of teachers with an international background.
  • The international orientation of the main courses allow students to work not only in a English / Spanish speaking environment, but also in an international environment, with a large group of Erasmus / exchange students in every class.
  • Most of the courses include seminars offered by international scholars and professionals thanks to the international academic and professional network developed due to the international orientation of the Undergraduate Journalism Program.


The undergraduate degree in Journalism from de Abat Oliba CEU University of Barcelona provides an academic program marked by four key characteristics: Internationalization, training in journalism production, analysis of reality and entrepreneurial orientation.

  • Internationalization: the Journalism program at the UAO CEU offers 55% of the subjects in English, allowing students not only to gain knowledge of the language used in the profession itself, but also to contact with journalism teachers and professionals with international exposure through various courses and conferences, internships and inter-university exchanges. It also allows foreign students to adapt their curricula to courses taught directly in English. The «UAO CEU International Journalism Week», a yearly event that gathers different journalism scholars and professionals from around the world is an example of the international importance of the UAO CEU International Journalism Program.
  • Training in journalism content production: studying Journalism at the UAO CEU provides an understanding of the essentials of journalism production, not only in the specific courses imparted throughout the academic program, but from the very beginning through radio, television, photojournalism and digital journalism workshops, addressing above all the needs of the future journalism and mass media professionals.
  • Analysis of reality: in the UAO we stress the importance of not only being able to communicate reality, but to interpret it. As such, we offer an international academic program that includes, besides practical skill development, humanities and social sciences studies in order to provide the tools to analyze reality and current events, providing a vision of both the national and international media industry
  • Entrepreneurial orientation: journalism studies at the UAO CEU stress the importance not only of knowing how to work as a media content producer and expert, but also of developing the skills in order to create and develop entrepreneurial initiatives in the area of journalism and communication thanks to the integration of entrepreneurial skill development contents in different courses from the first to the fourth year. The university also has an «Entrepreneurs Club» where students from different areas can share and develop their entrepreneurial ideas.

All courses follow a continuous assessment method that, through diverse activities, allows the student and the teacher to perceive the assimilation of contents and skills on behalf of the student. Courses also include different compulsory readings that assure a steady acknowledgment of the most important academic and literary works related to the area of journalism and communication.

Students that follow the UAO CEU International Journalism Undergraduate Program have the possibility of experiencing a student exchange experience in their 4th or 5th year due to the broad range of international exchange agreements that our Journalism Program offers. Thanks to the direct collaboration between the UAO CEU Journalism School and Iona College in New York, students can follow the UAO CEU Undergraduate Journalism Program for three years, and then finish their studies at Iona College (with the possibility of doing professional internships in New York), obtaining the Barcelona – New York Double Degree in Journalism and Media Studies.

In summary, studying journalism at the UAO CEU means access to an academic program with international projection, with a solid knowledge of English, developing not only the journalistic production capacities of the student, but also their analytical and entrepreneurial skills with proper training in humanities and social sciences. This, together with a solid command of technical resources of journalism from day one, makes our students ideal candidates when entering an increasingly challenging work environment.


Joan-Andreu Rocha Scarpetta
Vice-dean of Journalism Studies
Abat Oliba CEU School of Journalism

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